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Presented to the 80th anniversary of Brno World Premiere

Romeo and Juliet

A story of youth, first love and passion. A story of the danger of blind ideals, the fight of dream and reality, the burden of social conventions and the immortality of desire and love.



80 years since the world premiere in Brno

Prokofiev’s ballet drama Romeo and Juliet had the world premiere in the National Theatre Brno in 1938 choreographed by the legend of the Brno ballet Ivo Váňa Psota. Not many companies can say the fact that they made a world premiere of the work that has become one of the most played ballets in the world.

Ballet NdB has such a title and has the right and duty to be among the most played in its repertoire. Its current release will be the seventh premiere of this production since 1938. Shakespeare’s drama in its dancing version is very popular, and many renowned choreographers have created legendary productions throughout the world to this day. The reason why can be found not only in the topic of a tragic love, but also in the wonderful music by Sergei Prokofiev, which is considered one of the most beautiful ballet opuses ever. 

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Terms and tickets for the performance

Slavnostní premiéra

Romeo a Julie

8th March at 7 pm, Janáčkovo divadlo

Romeo a Julie

9th March at 7 pm, Janáčkovo divadlo

Romeo a Julie

10th March at 5 pm, Janáčkovo divadlo

Romeo a Julie

15th March at 7 pm, Janáček Theatre

Romeo a Julie

16th March at 7 pm, Janáček Theatre

Romeo a Julie

28th March at 7 pm, Janáček Theatre

Romeo a Julie

27th April at 7 pm, Janáček Theatre

Romeo a Julie

29th April at 7 pm, Janáček Theatre

Costume design by Alexandra Grusková

In the costume production for the ballet Romeo and Juliet, I try to work with the directorial and choreographic concept to visually show the contrast between the worlds of two antagonistic families. The Capulets, who control space and power, carry cold elegance and luxury, totalitarian uniformity, austerity and aggressivity coming from the aesthetic of the renaissance, but stylised into period timelessness. Their world is dominated by black with silver accents and a visible hierarchy. The Montagues on the other hand have a very individualistic, almost post-apocalyptic style. In the silhouettes, costume materials and most importantly in colour I attempted to emphasise their relationship with nature, their need for personal freedom on par with anarchy, disregard for social norms and the ignoring of male/female principles, which is expressed in the unisex style. Romeo and Juliet belong to their respective groups, but also stand out in a way. They both understand that their world is different, not totalitarian and confrontational, their world is love, understanding, peace and harmony. Even though their upbringing can be felt in the clothes, they are different. Together, they complete each other and form a whole.

Love across the generations from the year 1938.

„All girls from ballet school was envious.“

J. Šlezingrová about the world premiere.

The production team

Mário Radačovský


Martin Glaser


Pavel Šnajdr


Marek Hollý

Set Design

Alexandra Grusková

Costume design